Working With Resilience

North America

Who We Are

Working With Resilience is a global consortium of practitioners and researchers who have combined their skills and experience to determine how best to build workforce resilience.

Our vision is creating work environments where people perform optimally while staying well.

Our North American Community

We have a growing community of practitioners across North America who are trained in our Resilience at Work Toolkit – an integrated set of practical evidence-based measures and resources that embed sustainable work practices in a systemic way.

If you would like to know more about what we do check out our content and resources websites.

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R@W Community

Find out about accreditation in our Resilience at Work Toolkit below

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Our Regional Leads

Dr Catherine Carr

Working With Resilience Lead for North America

Mary Crowley

Working With Resilience Business Manager for North America

If you would like to join our practitioner community, engage someone locally to help build resilience in your business or undertake research using our resilience measures please get in touch with Mary.